DSA International LLC is a trusted and reliable business partner to global buyers seeking to procure Malaysian Bumiputera entrepreneurs’ finest products. Count on us to continue opening these doors to Dubai UAE & GCC Countries, by introducing the new and exciting products of Malaysian Bumiputera entrepreneurs globally.

DSA International LLC knows the Dubai & GCC market very well, and keeping pace with the evolving needs of the global buyer community. We organize Malaysian Bumiputera entrepreneurs’ products into Dubai and hope to provide the best in business matchmaking services.




  • To be fully utilized the advantages and privileges of import and export in Dubai UAE by providing Malaysian Bumiputera entrepreneurs with opportunities to connect with the global marketplace through a comprehensive, consistent commitment and accurate information to be benefited for all.


  • To have mandate by instilling a positive business culture that motivates the Malaysian Bumiputera entrepreneurs to deliver excellence.


  • To empower the sustainable economic growth of Malaysian Bumiputera entrepreneurs by delivering business solution and positive value in actively involved the global economy.


Our Vision

DSA International LLC is at the forefront of being the most reliable, supportive, efficient and produced excellence services in the development of import export for Malaysian Bumiputera entrepreneurs globally and in Middle East especially.

Our Mission 

DSA International LLC is taking great pleasure having mandate venturing into foreign markets by expanding sources of revenue, to diversify markets and reduce risk, to enhance competitiveness, to achieve economies of scale and utilize assess capacity and saturated domestic market.



DSA International LLC  focuses on the establishment of our partners’ products and opportunities.

Working on strategy and marketing with deep, functional expertise and commitment for the success.

DSA International LLC  with the comprehensive planning strategies for our business partners to face the challenges and solutions in achieving a sustained growth.
DSA International LLC’s solutions are innovative and brave with the knowledge and key marketing strategies.