Jus Mate 5

Jus Mate 5 is a new revolution in diet products in which formulas are found so effective in addressing the problem of obesity. Jus Mate 5 is a great formula. He escorted appetite, prevents the formation of fat, reduce sugar making, increase levels of carbohydrate metabolism and the energy exchange which constitute five major factor in the maintenance of body weight.

Price: AED 250

Goodness Jus Mate 5

  • ¬†Easy, memorable
  • ¬†Semicircular
  • Without hunger
  • Painless
  • Without exercising
  • Good for diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Helps fertility
  • Good for nerves and joints
  • Smooth intestines
  • Taking care of the problem moodiness, insomnia
  • Caring for migrant and gastric
  • Troubleshooting stroke
  • Reduce Cholesterol


Pregnant women are not encouraged take Jus Mate 5